RSVP for the 2014 Keynote Broadcast

The 2014 Keynote Broadcast 

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Second Nature has hosted the keynote broadcast since 2011

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Broadcast: October 22rd, 2pm EST (2014)

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The theme for the upcoming Campus Sustainability Day (CSD) keynote broadcast is “Empowering Change on Campus and in the Community”. Campuses are invited to show this short video at their CSD events, as a way to complement planned activities and foster discussion.

The broadcast will feature Higher Education sustainability leaders discussing ways in which students can make a difference, be a part of sustainability solutions, and build a career in the sustainability field.

Check this page on Oct 22nd to view the broadcast, or RSVP to get instructions and updates emailed to you.

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For more information, contact Gabriela Boscio, Senior Program Associate at Second Nature.