2014 Green Halloween Costume Swap- powered by Tradepal

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Go green this Halloween by keeping the cash in your pocket and join in the fun with a campus swap. Tradepal is kicking off its second year partnering with Campus Sustainability Day and invites campuses to celebrate with a Green Halloween Costume Swap. Promote year-round savings and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint through reuse.

How to participate:

  • Join your campus network on Tradepal and list your costumes, masks, and items to swap
  • Browse the listings on your network. Request to trade items and accept offers for items of interest
  • Exchange items and complete trades
  • Invite friends to participate and rally students to co-organize a Green Halloween Costume Swap event
  • Celebrate with a sustainable alternative to Halloween shopping by swapping last years costumes, masks, wigs and tutus

Get the word out on campus and host a meet up for everyone to gather and exchange their swaps in person. After, quantify the carbon savings impact from your campus swap and share the results. If you are hosting a swap, get recognized for your efforts by adding your event to the CSD website. See what others are doing around the country and register for the 2014 Keynote broadcast.

Happy Trading!