Campuses can Leverage Tradepal’s Website to Host a Halloween Costume Swap and Quantify their Carbon Savings

Quantify your ReUse Impact During Campus Sustainability Day

The anticipation for Halloween has begun, and it’s the perfect time to promote the second R of the environment – reUse. Wondering what to do with last year’s costume? Tradepal’s online marketplace provides a great opportunity to swap your costumes, masks, capes and crowns and also measure your carbon savings impact during Campus Sustainability Day.

Tradepal invites campuses to create their campus reuse networks and host a Halloween Costume Swap. Trade up for a new look and benefit from cutting costs while knowing you helped the environment through reuse. To participate, join your campus reuse network on Tradepal, start listing costumes and other items, and send offers to trade. Once they accept, just meet during your Campus Sustainability Day events and swap your items and join the fun while promoting sustainability.

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Register for 2013 Keynote Broadcast

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Second Nature has hosted the keynote broadcast since 2011

The Keynote Broadcast

Hosted by Second Nature
Broadcast: October 23rd, 2pm EST (2013)

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The theme for the upcoming Campus Sustainability Day keynote broadcast is “Climate Adaptation: Resilient Campuses & Communities.” Campuses are invited to join this webcast for a discussion from higher education and climate leaders on the role of campuses in adapting to a changing climate, innovations in climate resilience and mitigation, and community partnerships.

The broadcast will feature presentations and a discussion from panelists, touching on leadership and practical issues related to campuses, community, and addressing both opportunity and responsibility in a changing climate.

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